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Welcome to Schanna Financial 

The vast majority of people make financial decisions on an isolated other words, each financial decision is made focusing only on the subject at hand, without taking ones total financial picture into consideration. Considering each of us has a limited amount of financial resources available in our lifetime, we cannot afford too many financial mistakes.

In addition, we have the blessings and challenges of longevity. We are living longer than any previous generation. This is phenomenal as it allows us to enjoy our families, friends, careers, personal and charitable interests longer. Hopefully, we are living and enjoying fuller and more meaningful lives. In this environment however, in order to feel financially confident, at Schanna Financial we believe one needs to discover the key of integrating and coordinating financial and life centered decisions.

As your wealth advisor, Schanna Financial will focus on assisting you in making informed, integrated and coordinated financial and value-centered life decisions in our complex and constantly changing world. Our job and goal at Schanna Financial is to partner with individuals, families and businesses for the purpose of developing long term relationships. Long term relationships focusing on the continual and ongoing financial management of our client's goals and finances. Our end goal is to assist you our client develop and maintain a path toward "Reaching Your Full Financial Potential"?