Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Schanna Financial is to assist, guide and counsel our clients in their ongoing effort in the process of “Achieving Financial Potential in Today's Environment”. It is essential for our clients to understand that every day is a new today. Every year is a new today. Every decade is a new today. Every lifetime is a new today. The environment clients are faced to navigate in is constantly changing and new every day.

Schanna Financial is a Holistic Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm. Our firm uses a combination of financial industry titles to more clearly define how we work with our clients and how this definition is in sync with our mission.

Our title “Schanna Financial is a Holistic Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firm” and tagline “Achieving Financial Potential in Today's Environment” encompass the core philosophy Schanna Financial is built on.

  1. Holistic – We are in the people business first, and the financial and tax business second. From day one of our relationship with our clients, it is imperative we and they keep the focus on who they and their family are as people. What is important to them in “life”. It is our belief that for our firm to be of any worth to our clients, it is imperative that we know them as people. We and they must know and understand what makes our clients tick. What are their goals, dreams and values? What are their concerns? What keeps them up at night? Only after we have developed this level of relationship and understanding, will our value as financial advisors even begin to matter. Then and only then can we ask, “what is important about money to them” because their answer won’t be focused on money or finances, but rather how money and finances relate to their “lives”. So, you might say Schanna Financial is a Life Coaching Firm.
  2. Financial Planning – Together, we and our clients develop and implement a Financial Plan built around their and their family’s lives. It’s a given that to achieve any goal we must have a plan and we must implement it. However, many clients and firms alike treat their Financial Plan in a static manner. In other words, a plan is developed (static) and as such, the clients plan is good for life. Many clients and firms unrealistically believe “the plan” has a life of its own. The mindset is “the plan” is on auto pilot. Not so much!
  3. Wealth Management – We together, our firm hand in hand with our clients, year after year manage where they are currently in life, manage the plan and manage the wealth on an ongoing basis.

Our Mission - To partner with our clients in managing the process of “Achieving Financial Potential in Today's Environment”